Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Blame Game

He broke her heart by saying NO ,words hurt
but it had hurt most when he said so. A
sudden pain crippled her brain, did he say NO?
She thought so. Tears came like a generous stream.

Young and innocent, there she was, not knowing
first who she was, but she really thought she was
going to die, die a death emotionally.

Moving on, years later, she realized, he
liked her, tried to remember what he said,
he had told, "No, wait for me." It was too
late for them 'cause she had moved on with her life.
But He had better plans for them, cause she's
married to him now paying a huge dowry!

She bought her love for half the price. She had
thought she had the better deal, but he cheated
her by not giving love, not her fault but society's!

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