Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Our little man wonders what to buy next
big frills, red stone mansions and little thrills
A shiny car sits outside wanting to take
our man for a ride to the mountain top.
Man is little but his ego big, he wants
a plane and not a car, not for his wife
but for the tall mistress who lives next door.

A little boy who lives in mystery land
wants a piece of bread for him and his mom.
His mother made juice for him later that day
surprised and saw that it was his birthday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Love Divine

Little flowers move gracefully in air,

Gentle breeze blows dew drops from new leaves.

This silence is music to their ears,

broken by his words, sweet,touch gentle.

Her heart beats faster, pulse races now,

beads of sweat from the warmth of their love

brace the lovers tight as they embrace,

two moons shine blissfully on this day.

Pearls of laughter on her soft, pink lips

caresses his wounded heart atlast.

The lovers unite as bells chime sweet,

Their Gods seem happy; this is divine.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Two birds happily chirping on a tree
were looking to explore nature just free,
Their friends thought it is best to live in nest
Living in sin is not considered first.
Four walls were put right to surround them safe
four walls safe but peace and happiness chafe
protects emptiness inside from bursting
love this beautiful concept called Marriage.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Against her will

misty dew drops on her body, look shiny in the hot sun, creates pools of water near
her big, beautiful feet,
cruel sun loved her looks melting her into shapeless elixir of life, crushing her spirit
and her proud stature;
little pools took shape from the transparent glass of the icy abode, taking directions
that didn't mean to be;
'tis nature's course, happily went travellers in their monstrous machines of style ,
emissions notwithstanding;
warmed lonely souls in regions where cotton like masses of inconvenience fell from
hell, they thanked God,
their industries make smoky poison, it is hotter now, prodigies in labs estimate ,
poison kills people,
their labs destroying trees for finding obvious, homes overflowing with gadgets of
hell in each corner,
our queen sheds a million tears, her beauty evaporating fast, engulfs lands and life
against her own will.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Blame Game

He broke her heart by saying NO ,words hurt
but it had hurt most when he said so. A
sudden pain crippled her brain, did he say NO?
She thought so. Tears came like a generous stream.

Young and innocent, there she was, not knowing
first who she was, but she really thought she was
going to die, die a death emotionally.

Moving on, years later, she realized, he
liked her, tried to remember what he said,
he had told, "No, wait for me." It was too
late for them 'cause she had moved on with her life.
But He had better plans for them, cause she's
married to him now paying a huge dowry!

She bought her love for half the price. She had
thought she had the better deal, but he cheated
her by not giving love, not her fault but society's!

Heaven called Earth

When people become citizens of globe,
where there are no boundaries, castes, or races
Where the Satan called discrimination is slain
Where people dont feign patriotism and wage war,
trees are left to live and nature untouched,where
water doesn't contain waste, air not carcinogenic,
When love isn't arranged, marriage not a contract,
Where the devilish system of dowry is killed,
and corruption unheard of, where people are free,
their mind unpolluted, that is where real heaven on
Earth is and thats where our dear children should be.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poorer Choice

He keeps thinking if his choice is right,
maybe he should have learnt to code right
can't stop thinking about what to write
'Cause writing is right and his birth right.
People say its crazy to change course
Money talks and it talks not, when he
chooses to write. He tries to code but
poetry flows, thus cementing poverty.


A cab driver bought a small hut, thinking it was a big beautiful house
The Music director in his car smirked hearing that,
"How big can a driver's house be and how can it be beautiful"
When his own house is a mansion and he wanted a bigger one.

The driver went to the grocery story and asked for an apple
He saw all the apples and said,"But I want a bigger one"
An orphan watching this little exchange dreamt of the apple
in the cart, When he grew up and became a gentleman,
he distributed apples to that old age home where the driver
and the music director ended up with no other home.

Does it end?

Does love end when the lovers part
Or is it just in the lover's heart?
Did the love ever exist in real or
Was it a figment of his thoughts?

What doesn't end except the end
Where does it begin for it to end
Tell the time that you fell in love
Love will tell you you are lying now.

Is it because love is a timeless affair
Or is it because love has no time
To dwell about when to fall in love
Or to ponder when the love will end.

Power of words

Plagued by insecurity and no income,sat our man,
ashamed and disgraced for not winning bread.
Untruths, malice come from his mouth but
His pen never lies, only uncovers truth.

World wants no burden, who doesn't earn
Friends turn foe and disappear, but his
Words are stronger than he had thought,
because no one wanted to hear them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Who is better

No tears, No fears and No dilemma
How beautiful really is our love!
Rest of the world breaks up and apart
Devdas is now their symbol of love.
But you don't drink, gamble or have affair
We are just a couple in their eyes.
Is love true when love breaks up
killing people's hearts, or is it true
when love makes more love in lover's heart ?

Two Worlds

Borders many and pollution abound
where life is chaotic and uncertain
Green fields welcome you to heaven
Friendly voices soothe the turmoil
of finding home in the vast wide world.
Rational brain convinces to immigrate
Mind, torn between two, what to do,
Suffocates in the cloudy mess of uncertainity
Cheerful family or cleaner air, Confusion persists
but the culprit is only a single heart who loves the two.


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