Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Our little man wonders what to buy next
big frills, red stone mansions and little thrills
A shiny car sits outside wanting to take
our man for a ride to the mountain top.
Man is little but his ego big, he wants
a plane and not a car, not for his wife
but for the tall mistress who lives next door.

A little boy who lives in mystery land
wants a piece of bread for him and his mom.
His mother made juice for him later that day
surprised and saw that it was his birthday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Love Divine

Little flowers move gracefully in air,

Gentle breeze blows dew drops from new leaves.

This silence is music to their ears,

broken by his words, sweet,touch gentle.

Her heart beats faster, pulse races now,

beads of sweat from the warmth of their love

brace the lovers tight as they embrace,

two moons shine blissfully on this day.

Pearls of laughter on her soft, pink lips

caresses his wounded heart atlast.

The lovers unite as bells chime sweet,

Their Gods seem happy; this is divine.