Monday, February 16, 2009

Against her will

misty dew drops on her body, look shiny in the hot sun, creates pools of water near
her big, beautiful feet,
cruel sun loved her looks melting her into shapeless elixir of life, crushing her spirit
and her proud stature;
little pools took shape from the transparent glass of the icy abode, taking directions
that didn't mean to be;
'tis nature's course, happily went travellers in their monstrous machines of style ,
emissions notwithstanding;
warmed lonely souls in regions where cotton like masses of inconvenience fell from
hell, they thanked God,
their industries make smoky poison, it is hotter now, prodigies in labs estimate ,
poison kills people,
their labs destroying trees for finding obvious, homes overflowing with gadgets of
hell in each corner,
our queen sheds a million tears, her beauty evaporating fast, engulfs lands and life
against her own will.

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